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  • " We went from job posting to hiring in less than a week. Thanks to their social media job sharing feature which helped us in sharing jobs across networks with a single click of a button. We set up additional questions for each job that helps us filter out the candidates that we didn't like quite easily. "

    - Mark Budworth, Head of HR Operations

  • " I would like to say thank you to the folks at WiseStep for their services during our studio expansion. We had tried out other recruitment services but WiseStep had the best quality applicants per reply. We had lots of very talented applicants from all over the globe come to us from WiseStep. I would not hesitate one minute to log back onto WiseStep next time we need talent. "

    - Trevor Green, Hiring Team

  • "Wisestep has built in a great referral system. Add a referral amount to your job... you will start receiving referral CVs almost immediately after posting the job. What an effective and a very good resource for talent acquisition teams. "

    - Glenn Carson, Human Capital Leader

  • " I loved the ease of job distribution here. Posting jobs to individual sites is a very time-consuming process. Nuisance is when you've to go to all those sites again to do edits. Wisestep solved all this for us. Just update/edit your job here it automatically reflects everywhere. No 'Techie' stuff required and very user friendly... This is why we bought a Wisestep Premium Plan."

    - Steve Floyd, Chief Hiring Manager

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