Privacy Policy

At Wisestep, we know you care deeply about how your information is stored and shared. Being a platform that connects members amongst themselves and with employers, Wisestep requires some of your information to help you find post and share opportunities from your professional life. So, Wisestep collects information on what pages consumers’ access and visit and information volunteered to us through studies and surveys. This information is used to improve our Web Content and to the quality of our Services. Read this Privacy Policy to know more of what information we collect, why we collect them and how you can control what you share.

What we collect

Wisestep requires you to register with an Email address to join as its Member or an Employer.

From Members

While registering as an Employer Wisestep requires you to provide your Name, official Email Address, Country, Industry, Phone number Postal Code and a Password for your Wisestep Account. Wisestep requires employers keep their Passwords confidential; Disclosure of your Account Information to others might lead to information theft and impersonation.

Wisestep employers can create Employer Profile Page and update it with their open positions. This can then be shared within the network, among your friends and contacts. Wisestep lets each employer choose what they want to share and what they want to hide. This information will help Wisestep customize your experience, by suggesting possible friends and contacts and finding relevant career opportunities.

Employers on Wisestep can also share jobs and invite their contacts through emails or their contacts from other networking sites. For this, Wisestep requires permission to import details from your other accounts. Wisestep does not store the passwords of your email address or other social networks and works within the API rules and privacy policies defined within those social networks.

Wisestep includes other external links within the site. This does not mean that Wisestep endorses or certifies these sites or their products. The hyperlinked sites will be covered by their own Privacy Policies. Wisestep requests its Members to view these sites in their own discretion.

Cookies and Web Logging

Cookies are tiny data files within your computer that allows Wisestep to recognize you when you return to our site from the same computer and the same browser. If your browser does not enable cookies, you might not be able to use Wisestep efficiently. Cookies allow Wisestep to customize your networking and remember what you were up to the last time you logged off.

Wisestep uses two kinds of cookies. The first lets the site recognize you as an existing user and, thereby, not asking you to log in every time. The other is active only briefly and expires when you close your browser. Due to communication standards, whenever you visit the Wisestep site, we receive information on what site you visited last and which site you are leaving to. We also get information on your IP address, the address of your Computer, your computer Operating System and your Web Browser. This helps us to study overall trends and improve our Service at Wisestep. Your IP address and your personal information will not be shared with third-parties without your permission or except when required by law.

Sharing with Other Platforms

Wisestep understands how important it is to keep personal information confidential. Wisestep never shares, sells, rents out or otherwise provide access to your personal information to third-parties for marketing purposes. Members at Wisestep can control the Information they chose to share on these External Platforms. This Information will be composed of what the Member wants to display or publish on other sites and platforms. Users in Wisestep can have a Public Profile. They can choose and customize what information to display on this profile and hide the rest. However, once your profile is made public, third-party search engines might cache your profile.

    The list of networks that wisestep integrates with is
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

If Wisestep is bought out or enters a joint venture, your information will be transferred. In this case, Wisestep will inform its Members by email or on the site before their information is transferred and is subject to a new Privacy Policy.

Facebook App

Information Collected from Facebook App

When you register on Wisestep from Facebook, you will be prompted to grant permissions allowing Wisestep to collect and store Information from your Facebook Account.

    The Information retrieved includes:
  • Your Log-in Email Address
  • You’re About Me Section (Name, Profile Picture, Interests, etc.)
  • Your Birthday
  • Your Work History and Experience
  • Your Friend List on Facebook About Me Sections of your Friends
  • Your Likes
  • Your Facebook Pages
  • Your Publishing and Offline Access Permissions
  • All information collected by Wisestep will be used in accordance with this Policy and adhering to Facebook Guidelines.

How we use Information collected from Facebook

Wisestep will use all Information collected to make professional networking a more personalized experience. All information collected will be utilized to provide more relevant career opportunities, business leads, features and services to our Users.

    Here are a few ways how your information is used:
  • To create your Career Profile
  • To find and match suitable Career Opportunities
  • To send Messages and Notifications
  • To invite Contacts to Wisestep
  • To Recommend and send Invitations to potential Contacts
  • To present relevant Content, Features and Services
  • To Inform you of your professional Network Activity
  • To collect Feedback and Suggestions

Communication on Facebook

The Wisestep platform offers an alternate professional platform for Facebook Users. Wisestep Members will be able to share Job Opportunities and other Information through their Facebook Account. Users on Wisestep can choose to Share new Career Updates, interesting Job Opportunities, Awards or Rewards received on their Facebook Profile. Wisestep will not publish these Posts without the User’s prior permissions. Any such Postings will solely depend on the User’s discretion.

Communicating with Other Members

All communications and messages you send through Wisestep will carry your Name in the header. This is just to let the recipient know, who sent the message. While sending emails, Wisestep might receive aggregate information on your network, but never list the people you are connected to. Other communications you initiate through Wisestep, like a request or an invitation, will list your name as the sender, but will not include personally identifiable information. Such information can be shared only between two Members once they have established contact and want to share it with each other.

Communicating with Wisestep

All Members at Wisestep will receive messages posted on the site or through email. These might include Welcome notes, Reminder alerts and Notifications regarding their Job and Career Opportunities. Wisestep will also send you email alerts when you receive messages from other Members. You may also receive promotional information from Wisesetep regarding new features and Services. You can manage your own notification settings from the Account Settings section. Similar account settings are also available for the Employers Section. For any issues please write to us at

Communicating on External Platforms

The Wisestep website and application is also available to users on other external platforms and websites like Facebook, in cases of such hosted Services, the Member will be bound by the Terms of Service and Privacy statement of the External Platform. The Terms of Service of the External platform overrides that of Wisestep, wherever mentioned. In case no mention is made pertaining to any specific issue on the Host site, the terms of Wisestep will apply,

Sharing details of your External Platform account with others will allow them to access your Wisestep Account on that External Platform even though you have not divulged information on your Wisestep Account. Members are advised not to share details of their Facebook Account with anyone else.

When a Member joins Wisestep through any External Platform, Wisestep will ask for Permission to access some information from their External Platform Account to make your experience better and more relevant on

Job Applications and Applicant Information

Members at Wisestep can respond to open Job Postings and Careers Opportunities available on Wisestep, and send in Job Applications. In order to facilitate the Hiring Process, the Job Application and accompanying Information will be mailed to the Recruiter/Employer who posted the Job. They might contact members directly using the Contact Information you provide or through and keep your details on their Record for future hiring. If the Member applying for the Job permits, their application and contact details will also be shared with other Recruiters and Employers within the Wisestep network.

Changing your Account Information

Members can access and edit their personal information by logging into Wisestep and viewing the Profile Page. Here, the Member can set the visibility of their account information to other Members and third-parties. Members can terminate their account at Wisestep by sending a request to On terminating the account, all personally identifiable information of the Member would be permanently removed from the site. However, Wisestep will retain some information to prevent fraud or future abuse, for legitimate business reasons, for analysis of non-personal data, and if so required by law. The data thus stored will be subject to the same Privacy Policy as agreed upon by the Member.


In order to protect your personal information, your Wisestep Account is provided with a personalized Password. Kindly do not reveal the password to anyone else or save it in a publically accessible computer. Wisestep uses a secure access data center for storing your details. If you suspect that your account has been accessed by someone else, report immediately to

Change in Privacy Policy

Wisestep might change or update its Privacy Policy at short notice. In case there are significant changes in the way your information is treated, a notice would be put up on the website informing Members of the same. If a Member continues to use the platform after this notice, it is taken that he agrees to the updated Privacy Policy.