Partners is looking to bring the best business and career opportunities to its users. If you would like to reach out to a large pool of talented, senior and passive set of users then please write to us at

    Potential partners can fall into one or more of these categories.
  • Recruiter (Corporate or Search Firm)
  • Career related Affiliate Service
  • Content Syndication
    Recruiter (Corporate or Search Firm)
  • If you are interested in recruiting either for your firm or on behalf of your clients and have many jobs to post, then give us your XML feed format to upload jobs without having to post.
  • Job Posting is Quick, easy and more importantly FREE. Get a free ‘applicant tracking system’ to boot all in less than a minute.
  • Prepare your feed and send us an email with the link on
  • Corporates who already have ‘employee referral programs’ in place can benefit enormously by using Wisestep.
  • Expand the pool of people who can refer – this give more candidate applications
  • Build your brand among people who are not yet employees – engage with them now to improve your visibility, corporate image and even sales.
  • Track your referrals online – Don’t spend time building systems for tracking referrals. We have already done it for you. You can use it for FREE. It just takes a minute to register.
    Career related Affiliate Service
  • If you provide career consulting, coaching, counselling or other similar services, then get more qualified leads by getting exposure to thousands of job seeking professionals that are Wisestep members. For more details write to us at
    Content Syndication
  • Add Job related content to your website quickly, easily and without paying any money. Use our standard RSS Feeds or custom feeds depending on your need and show the content that your users will like. For more details write to us at :