About Us

Wisestep is an online networking platform that brings Users and Employers together. We try, in our small way, in making Career Opportunites easier to Find and Broadcast.

Wisestep works as a networking tool that engages Users in building a strong Professional Network to enhance their Career Opportunities. This large and diverse network also allows Employers to reach out to more people and make their Hiring Process faster, cheaper and more efficient.


Connect, converge and communicate with hundreds of thousands of Professionals across the world through the Wisestep network. Interact with peers and experts and build a network of Professional Connections.


Some of the best Jobs never even get advertised. Wisestep is connected to a large number of Employers and Companies and helps you use your Network to find relevant Jobs. Recommend Jobs to Friends and help them out. And if you want to find out more about potential Employers just ask someone in the Network!


Employers can post Free and Unlimited Jobs at Wisestep directly, or by sending an email . We do the hard work by Publishing it automatically to more than 25+ sites so that you get more Applications. Share it on your Friends' Walls and ask for Referrals or Introductions!


Convert your Website visitors and Facebook Company Page viewers to Job Applicants. An active and current Careers Section will enhance your Social and Online Identity. You can create your own Careers Page at the Wisestep.com website and integrate it with your own in less than 10 minutes.

Wisestep was founded in 2008, right when the world economy decided to take a turn for the worse. Running high on talent and low on cash, we had to wait for a year for things to get moving again. And for the past one year, we've been working to put things together and make it all work fine!

Wisestep is a small but up-and-coming start-up that works towards making changes in how to manage Talent. We have a commited and diverse team that comprises of Art and History buffs, Software Development wiz's, constantly complaining Test Engineers, inveterate Chatterboxes and a few Marketing geniuses.

So that's about us! Tell us more about yourself at support@wisestepmail.com